Keys Decide The Success Of A CRM Solution

One of the top priorities for retailers as well as small and medium enterprises in 2018 is probably the decision to integrate CRM. With retail sales expected to reach $ 27 trillion by 2020, the key to making a difference for major businesses is to provide a great customer experience right now. And today, I will analyze in detail the reasons why any business needs the help of CRM to explode.

The mix between sales and marketing

CRM integration is a fundamental foundation for marketers of tools to conceive and execute campaigns, automate processes, manage content based on Big Data, and provide analysis, projection, and analysis.

At the same time, CRM is the place where salespeople determine the transaction goals, customer stage, personalized customer data, price list, etc., and integrate closely with email or mobile devices.

When marketing and sales use the same, constantly updated source code from CRM, synergy, incentive interaction and increased accountability will be raised. As a result, you can easily manage your target customers, campaigns and, at the same time, the combination of marketing and sales that will better serve your sales efforts or reach your target audience. You can also manage projects, digital assets, tasks, and processes in a convenient way for each group, department, or branch from a single platform.

The perfect combination of Sales and Marketing has a direct impact on sales and performance in the enterprise, which is why CRM is particularly interested in 2017.

Creating the perfect customer experience

An estimated $ 41 billion is wasted every year as a result of poor customer service. A bad experience can destroy brand loyalty. Instead of integrating CRM just for use as a transactional database, businesses should leverage to build sincere and lasting relationships with customers. And no one else, the customer service department will help maintain this relationship through each customer lifecycle.

Customer service is important front-line to support and you have to be sure about empowering each member with important data. According to a recent study conducted by TechCrunch, 82% of customers said they had stopped trading with a business after experiencing poor customer service. Having a weapon in the hands of CRM, take advantage of it to minimize these potential risks.

Agents can use CRM as an interactive service center to find information, thereby quickly solving customer problems; Real-time charts to get an overview of the entire workload, then sorted in order of priority, depending on the severity or priority category that needs to be addressed more quickly.

Opportunity to take advantage of Big Data

According to McKinsey, Big Data has the potential to increase retail profitability by up to 60 percent, but most retail businesses believe investing in Big Data is too costly. In return, it can significantly improve the efficiency of managing a number of areas in the retail industry, including customer segmentation, customer engagement, product recommendation, remarketing, pricing strategies. , supply chain, inventory management.

In addition, large data will open the door to more intelligent processes, more suited to more context sensitive. Large data management capabilities can digest behavior and environmental data, interact online or interpersonal relationships. This has resulted in significant improvements in asset lifecycle management, product usage patterns, new product launch processes, branding, interactive management, and risk in business.



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