Amazing Functions Of CRM Tools

CRM is a software used by many businesses to manage and care for professional customers. Today, I will share you the basic knowledge of CRM tools as well as great functions of this powerful software.

What is CRM software?

CRM software is a shortened name for Customer Relationship Management. It is a customer relationship management software that includes a series of applications designed to help businesses manage multiple business processes. The overall objective of customer relationship management is the element in the mind.

Why Should Use CRM Software To Manage And Care Customers?

With business expansion and development of enterprises in recent years, the customer care especially the potential customers is no longer a manual work as it was at the beginning of the business. The size of customers grows, the information diversity makes many companies and enterprises can not just apply the common management solutions. A system or machine that can access and track information is the most essential tool at the time. Thus, CRM came into being as an inevitable factor.

In addition, technology and the Internet have changed the way companies approach as well as the customer relationship strategy. Advances in technology have changed consumer shopping behavior and now there are many ways for companies to communicate with customers and collect data. With every new advancement in technology – especially the increase in e-commerce and smartphone channels – relationships and transactions with customers will only become professional and fast if there is an electric system.



Most businesses use CRM software to care and manage their customers with the desire to deliver more perfect service packages, easier to satisfy reasonable costs. Because customers are a key element in many operations and business strategies, an application or software that optimizes the experience and serves all their desires is essential to the business. With CRM, an enterprise can manage interactions with potential customers at the present time, or prepare for future customers, thereby forming relationships in the business.


The Main Functions That CRM Software Brings

Today, depending on the size of small or medium businesses that have different CRM support. CRM vendors are also diverse and offer a wide range of options, but in most CRM will meet the following basic customer management features:

  • Update, track customer data automatically. Manage customers, tracking potential customers.
  • Interact with customers through the automated customization of the manager.
  • Access business information.
  • Keep track of potential customers, take care of existing customers, look for opportunities to turn potential customers into loyal customers.
  • Contract Management and Enterprise Projects (Statistics, analysis and progress monitoring of each project).
  • Implementing Marketing Strategies Automatically: The CRM solution provides management solutions and establishes an automated marketing process, linking to a website to get potential customer data and automatically market them. These customer objects.
  • Customer Support and Support Functionality: CRM integrates customer support, processing customer requests quickly, efficiently, and professionally.
  • Support vendor/partner relationships
  • Employee management function, senior work management
  • Text & Document Management: The built-in CRM function of storing text, data in large volumes make the management of the required data easier. These documents can be attached to customer data combined with smart search filters that allow quick, compact, and accurate document access.
  • Statistics & Reports: The CRM system helps users and businesses update specific statistics on sales and customer care. Most software supports reporting in tabular, grid, and display format to the user’s preference.
  • Product Management & Services: The best CRM software currently also supports complete sales management by integrating warehouse management functions, detailed and effective product management.
  • In addition, CRM has many other functions depending on the type of business such as Supplier Management (production), invoice management, document management.



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