5 CRM Software Comparison For Sales Management

Sales management with CRM software is a problem that requires a lot of work to do. That’s why there are hundreds and thousands of sales tools, software solutions, and applications created for sales staff and sales managers. Companies and developers want to do more sales management. That’s very good, but when there are too many business tools, they do not have time to use all of them.

Good managers often use the best tools to guide their employees. When salespeople have the tools to help them work effectively, sales management will be easy and will increase the company’s profits. That is why we have listed the top 5 best CRM software. These are the powerful tools to help sales staff work effectively and shorten working time.


Sales Cloud not only makes sales management smarter and faster but also help sales staff increase productivity with less time due to a huge list of Sales Cloud features that

Main functions:

  • Sales cooperation
  • Manage sales activities
  • Partner Management
  • Mobile application
  • Workflow and approval


OnContact CRM 7 is a great tool for sales managers looking to support their salespeople from start to finish of the sales cycle. The Oncontact software guides the sales team through everything from appointments, scheduling and phone calls.

Main functions:

  • Sales centric
  • Keep track of potential customers as soon as the data is entered
  • Built-in sales schedule
  • Sales control panel
  • Keep track of calls, emails, meetings, and more


Helping salespeople work more effectively is an important part of sales management, and a tool that cannot be easier to use is Yesware. Team members can monitor email and work more efficiently.

Main functions:

  • Checked transactions, check mail open rates
  • Sign transactions faster
  • Includes powerful sales tools like email templates, send later, reminders, and more


For small businesses, OnePageCRM is a great option. An easy-to-use online sales solution, OnePageCRM stores all your contacts and sales information and has a proven track record. Smaller sales managers will spend more time on their own work, as OnePageCRM allows for faster sales process to get the contract.

Main functions:

  • Focus on sales activities
  • The “Next Action” system for sales decisions
  • The goal is clear and simple
  • The unified communications system for sales activities


A platform with the ability to increase sales productivity, Clari combines mobile, designed scientific data to help sales managers guide their employees through the sales process. Clari’s sales manager chose it because it worked with existing systems of enterprise and improved productivity and increased sales, accurate forecasts.

Main functions:

  • See all the opportunities in each stage
  • View all sales activities for all employees
  • Understand the opportunities and risks of the agreement
  • Check the status of contracts and important events

The Bottom Line

It is obvious that CRM software is an indispensable part of each company when it comes to sales management. Therefore, with a simple comparison, hope you can choose the most suitable CRM solution from the list above and see what it bring to you. Good luck!



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